Our Childcare is Committed To Protect Children From Covid-19 Spread!

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As a part of providing family child care services, Brighter Day’s Family Childcare is dedicated to protecting children and their families from the spread of Covid infection. We follow all the necessary safety protocols to keep your child safe and protected at our home daycare center. Our center adheres to all the preventive measures and strategies to mitigate the spread of Covid and ensure your child’s safety.

We strive hard to create a safe and enriching environment for children and parents to feel that they have made the right choice by trusting our family child care to take care of their children’s well-being.

We follow the following measures to ensure the safety of our staff members and toddlers at our Family child care and lower the transmission of Covid-19.

1. Maintaining Hands Hygiene

We ensure that our staff and children wash their hands periodically with soap for at least a few seconds. The practice is followed pre and post eating schedules, coming from the washroom, entering our in-home daycare, and more.

2. Wearing Masks

All staff members and children above the age of 2 wear the mask covering their nose and mouth, except while eating and sleeping. We teach children and staff the correct way of wearing the mask to ensure that they remain safe from the spread of Corona.

3. Discouraging Using Shared objects

We avoid using shared objects that are difficult to sanitize and clean. We minimize using the same objects at the same time. Instead, sanitize all the objects before their second usage. Limited sharing usage of electronic devices, toys, books, and other games helps to a greater extent in curbing the spread of Covid at our family child care.

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4. Regular Cleaning And Disinfecting

We perform regular cleaning and disinfecting for frequently touched objects, including toys, doors handles, tables, chairs, and other objects. This safety protocol safeguards the health of our staff members and toddlers.

5. Daily Screening To Detect Illness

We conduct regular health screenings for all people visiting our in-home daycare. Some of the practices include self-checks for symptoms before arriving, daily temperature checks, health monitoring, and more.

Brighter Day’s Family ChildCare Is Safe For Everyone! We ensure that our family child care is safe for every person visiting it. We develop a safe and healthy environment to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. Your child will not face any issues as we strictly adhere to all Covid safety protocols. Our goal is to keep every person safe at our center.

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